Our Story

On Labor Day of 2015 I discovered that my wife was having an affair. After confronting her with the discovery we had several tearful nights but decided to try to work on our marriage and stay together. Long before any of this we had been planning to take a year off to travel around the world.

We immediately started going to counselling, therapy, and joined a recovery group. Our agreement to take action and try to work through this trial gave both of us hope that our marriage can survive this. We are still following through on our plan to travel the world. Traveling while in recovery has proved to be both a challenge and a blessing. On one hand we have the unique opportunity to get away and change our perspective. On the other we have to deal with the little stresses that always come with being on the road.

Our posts here will be our own thoughts and reflections on this recovery process and only that. We are happy to listen to others stories and chat through email. We hope that our story of ongoing recovery here can be help to others going through a similar ordeal.


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